Trulon The Shadow Engine A Card Based RPG Goes to iOS

Recently, Kyy Games is announced to launch Trulon: The Shadow Engine, a world of steampunk and magic on mobile platforms.
This new debut can be categorized into a card-based RPG that you can play on the go

trulon the shadow engine walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game also combines adventure, fighting evil from the west, with a unique card combat system.
Along the game, you will be brought to travel through twisted kingdoms, as well as solving puzzles and unraveling the key to survival.

Seemingly, Trulon is set to be a premium for $4.99 as a price in which in this game you will have to control four heroes searching for a cure to a dangerous disease that is sweeping through the kingdoms of Tripudia and Maelon.

In line with this, the kingdoms of peaceful Tripudia and dangerous Maelon will give an outstanding setting for the adventures of young monster hunter Gladia.
Throughout the game, you will also be assigned to solve puzzles and interact with over a hundred NPCs

This game will also provide over fifty unique cards and four unique characters to play with individual strengths and play styles

In addition, you will also be allowed to customize your gameplay experience to suite your style through the game’s six-hour campaign.


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