Tricky Block Goes to iOS

If you like playing Tetris or any game in similar, you may have to try playing Tricky Block
Similar to any puzzle game, this game, Trickky Block can be said as as a sliding block puzzle game.

tricky block walkthrough ios android

This puzzle game, Tricky Block is being in the development of SkopWorks
In this game, all you will do is to mix that all up together for high score

Here, every level takes place on a blank grid.
You will see at the top of the screen, a conveyer belt churns and drops multi-colored puzzle pieces onto said grid.

Then, you will also see the pieces fall from where they are
At this point, it will be your decision to keep their descent from becoming totally chaotic to play

When a piece drops, you will see a very small window to slide it vertically or horizontally.
On the other side, the piece will slip across the grid until it touches a wall or another piece.

And, if two pieces of the same color are touching, they will join and become a single entity.
Later on, if you have more pieces linked up together, you will get points as your score achievement.

If you deal with higher level, you will see more quickly and frequently pieces drop from the conveyer belt.
To solve this, you can can cover up an unwanted block with another one.
But, you will have a very small window when doing so
Thus, reflexes will be the most important here

To go for more, you can get Tricky Block: All Mixed Up as a fun combination of twitch mechanics and strategy ion the App Store for free.


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