TravelShooting JP Comes With An Anime Schoolgirl

TravelShooting JP is a Japanese game which is made by Takuji Fukimoto in which only Japanese developers will be able to create a schoolgirl as the main character of this unique shooter game.

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If you played video games for some time, you will surely know how the game looks, and actually plays, like the SEGA arcade smash hit Space Harrier
Here, all you will have to do is to control an anime schoolgirl armed with a guitar shaped gun.

Anyways, this game gameplay experience is not all that original, because this is basically Space Harrier with a different character and setting
However, the game is still a rather enjoyable experience to play with.

When playing this game, your main goal of each stage is to beat as many enemies as possible without dying and fight huge
At the same time, you will go to over the top to dealt with bosses such as a big red dragon, a giant shark firing rings of bubbles at the end of the stage.

To play this game, your schoolgirl shoots automatically and you will simply control her movements by tilting and touching controls, which work incredibly well.

Recently, TravelShooting JP is now available to download for free on the App Store.
In addition, this game may not be an innovative or original experience but you have to taste this game as its unique experience to play shooting game with music.


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