Toysburg as Classic Quest Adventure Game Will Come to iOS Android

Children usually have their own imagination that will be initial step to create something useful
Anyways, this is what what Angry Mob Games wants to make a game for them

toysburg walkthrough ios android

As game developer of popular games such as Muffin Knight, AVP: Evolution, they will soon launch their upcoming free-to-play game, entitled Toysburg

In this game, you will design toys to enlighten children to the magic of the imagination.
It seems a little ironic that they will do this through a video game.

On the other side, this new game from Angry Mob Games is categorized into a mix of “classic quest adventure games and sandbox simulation games, which allow you to travel around a town and complete the problems brought to your attention by the town’s youth.

If you have seen in the the gameplay trailer, you will be able to see a little girl telling you, “I’ve never even seen a toy before,” before demanding to be given a toy.
Looking at this point, you as the player decide to give her a pirate doll which promptly turns her into a nasty-old pirate.

Getting what she wants, the girl is happy with her new look and hobbles off down the road, but not before paying you with coins and candy.
Because of this you will then have a large amount of toys that you can distribute to the town’s kids.
All of these toys from pirates to cows to a three-headed bear will be prominently featured in Toysburg.

In addition, you can also create and share your own toy creations with your friends.
To make your own toy design, you can try to patch together an angry-looking leprechaun dressed in a tutu and you can add the unwieldy wings of a pterodactyl for arms.


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