Tower Defense RPG Crystal Siege is on the Way to iPad Android

Crystal Siege which will be brought to you by FDG Entertainment is in the progress now
Anyway, if you are iPad owners, you will be the first users who can taste this game very soon

crystal siege walkthrough ios android

Later on, this game is described a hybrid showcasing both tower defense and RPG elements.
You will find some definite cues taken from Kingdom Rush, as you will be able to send heroic units out into the battlefields in which they can help take care of enemies along with the defenses provided by their towers.

Meanwhile, the most tower defense games will usually guide you to sit back and watch the action unfold
However, in this game, you will be allowed to get in on the mayhem by controlling a griffin riding hero.

For further, you will be assigned to stop any incoming enemies with various towers, abilities, and environmental traps to help take out the invading creeps.
On the other side, you will get an access to control a player character around the battlefield so that you can fight enemies easily
In the mean time, this game will serve you with a number of things to buy in which it will help you build the defense tower more effective.

Moreover, this game will feature maps containing unique environmental effects as well
With these maps, you will be possible to smash bridges, freeze water, trigger avalanches, use catapults, and more.
Also, you will find loot to collect and equip to help your hero become stronger in battle, along with powerful spells that you can to use in combat.

At this moment, this game has been approved and it will finally be available to the public this week.
Anyway, this game is scheduled to land on iPad first with a $4.99 as premium game


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