Titan Brawl MOBA Game Goes to Mobile Soon

If you see on the apple store, there have been any game in multiple genres such as MOBAs which seems to be fun to play in the ios and android devices

titan brawl walkthrough ios android

Titan Brawl is the one among MOBAs games out there that will come to the ios for few days next
In this game, two teams will face off across a level, with two lanes and two totems.
Here, all you will do is to smash your rival`s totem to get your victory
At the same time, you have to defend your totem

Besides, you will also have a bunch of heroes and troops each with unique skills and weapons where they will move at your disposal
To win the battle, you must build up a strong team than your rival does

On the other side, those heroes have their own strengths and weaknesses such as a big punchy one, a shooty one, etc

Moreover, you can play this game with your rival in PvP modes
Or, you can build up your team and experiment with the other heroes in solo modes

In pvp modes, you can party with your friends to battle with online opponents
At this point, your party will prove that you are the best in the game

To smoothly run the game on the go, it has been designed from the ground up for mobile.
Recently, this game is still in the progress to be launched on the ios and android markets


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