Tips and Strategy to Play SimCity BuildIt on iPhone Android

Electronic Arts as the developer of The SimCity series which is one of the more popular simulation franchises on ios and android, has just launched its newest series wrapped in SimCity BuildIt which is the most realistic city builder on mobile.

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Based on the trailer, this game really gives the impressive graphics with full 3D views of the cities.
In related to the features, this game will add some features such as road and building construction, utility maintenance and disasters, and this game will introduce the idea of crafting goods and resources that you can use to trade with others players.

Anyway, SimCity BuildIt is a free to play release, that you can play on the go.
Here, you will be able to build and manage your buildings, in which this game is not as complex as previous series of the franchise.

On the other words, you can run your own business where you can create your own unique city that has citizens vying to move in.
You can even build your city into larger one that will be populated more citizens, in which this will come to more needs your citizens have.

During the game, you must place buildings strategically in which it is to keep the taxes flowing and your city growing.
When managing your cities both online and offline, just try to pinch, zoom, and rotate 360 degrees.

Moreover, you will also be given with a feature where you will be able to create and trade resources with your friends and other cities.
Besides, you can also unlock exclusive buildings such as Big Ben and The Arc de Triomphe

Always make sure to keep your citizens happy by overcoming real city challenges such as traffic, fires, and pollution.

In order to give your citizens what they need, you must balance services like power and entertainment as well as completing fun challenges to specialize your city and shape your own society.

Furthermore, you will concentrate on managing zones, roads and traffic, services, city specializations and data layers of your metropolis, and the familiar goal of landmarks returns.

However, always stay alert as disasters are still a therapeutic tool to help clear the grid that will make you start over again.


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