Tiny Empires as Puzzle Game Goes iOS

Mgaia Studio has recently announced to introduce its newest puzzle game called Tiny Empires
This game will be planned to be launched for mobile platforms, ios and android

tiny empires walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a physics based puzzle game where you will have to fire cannonbals to take down castle.

You will be served with different types of cannonbals to beat enemies and take over the castle
Be sure to use ammo wisely as it is limited in a stock
So, you must think carefully when shooting it toward enemies
Once going through the battle, be sure to upgrade your weapon

Seemingly, this game is like Angry Birds game since the mechanic has the same format and idea
Also, this game basically features the Angry Birds gameplay experience
Tiny Empires will be launched next week on the App Store and you can get it with $2.99 as the price.


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