Tiltagon as The Challenging Arcade Game Will Come to iPhone

If you have played Super Hexagon, the challenging arcade game, you will get a new game that is similar to that genre

tiltagon basic walkthrough ios android

It seems Super Hexagon has certainly seen plenty of games that follow its principles, and the Flappy Bird craze also seems to owe something to that game.

However, you will not see a lot of games in that vein using tilt controls, as they are very hard to play, especially in a fast-paced game.

In related to the challenging arcade game, the upcoming Tiltagon will soon be launched and it seems to be a tilt-based taken on the Super Hexagon formula.

To play this game, you will have to tilt a ball across a series of platforms that steadily disappear, as well as collecting dots on the platforms to score a point then make the next one appear.

But, that platforms will get steadily more perilous, because of something like obstacles spinning around them, platforms with large holes in the middle, etc.

Recently, this game is still in progress in which the game will be compatible with all device orientations at this moment.
In line with this, the developer has a thread on the forums that they will reveal further updates on the game there.


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