This War of Mine Goes to iOS

The apple store will get a new guest coming from 11 bit Studios that is a really interesting war simulation game which is called This War of Mine

this war of mine walkthrough ios android

In related to this news, 11 bit studios has announced that the mobile version of This War of Mine is on track for the first launch on the next month.

Through this game, the developer seems to catch players’ attention thanks to a unique premise that will make players experience point from a civilian point of view and gameplay features.

Anyway, this game, This War of Mine game is about war from the perspective of the civilians who are caught up in the middle.

In other words, this game is set in a modern, war-torn area where a band of civilians will try anything it can to survive a devastating conflict, in which you will have to make plenty of these in the name of survival, often being forced to do something that goes against your morals.

Seemingly, it looks like to be an extremely somber but refreshing look at war, which you can play on mobile platforms.

Along with it, this game will include all the features found in the PC version of the game so you can play the game on iOS devices will the full experience.

In addition, you will find this game, This War Of Mine next month on the App Store.
But, a precise release date and pricing are confirmed yet
So, just stay tuned on this page in order to get the review of even walkthrough of This War of Mine on your phone.


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