The Upcoming Dragon Hills as Arcade Game Will Come to iPhone

Rebel Twins that had presented Daddy Was A Thief and Aliens Drive Me Crazy to mobile platforms, has recently announced to launch their newest game called Dragon Hills on ios and android

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In line with this, the trailer for their new game Dragon Hills seems to be similar to their last two games where some familiar concepts have dressed them up with their fantastic art style.

Their follow-up title Aliens Drive Me Crazy had at first glance seemed to be a standard side-scrolling auto-runner game.

Form those previous games, they brought the attention to detail and blending of various mechanics that take them up a notch.
And, the developer seems to apply that concept to their newest game, Dragon Hills.

In this game, Dragon Hills, it stars a young princess who has managed to escape by herself from imprisonment in that she is not someone who just waits for things to happens
Otherwise, she will decide to take care of things herself and start a journey to look for vengeance against her enemies with the help of a fearsome and powerful dragon.

Here, you will have to control and guide the princess and the dragon to defeat all enemies along the way while collecting gold coins.

Your dragon will be equipped with the ability to go through terrain easily, as well as bringing some hilarious moments.

Along the game, you will see that some enemies will flee at the sight of dragon, in which this will make you really feel all-powerful
In the mean time, you will have to fight back, especially for some intense boss battles.

In related to the first launch of this game, a release date is just yet for Dragon Hills but some say that this game will be released on the App Store this Spring.

And, if you wonder about this game, you can sign up on the game’s official website to get an email notification when this game is in the first launch.


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