The Light Inside Us as An Indie Shooting Game Goes to iOS on January

By the end of the year, there will be new ios games which is has recently be revealed to be launched next year, 2016 especially on January

the light inside us walkthrough ios android

Right now, the gamer all over the world are prepared to wait for more iOS games to be launched in the first few months of the new year which is about three days left.

Among the games which will come to the App Store next year, there is a very interesting shooter game called The Light Inside Us, a strategy action game that brings action to the mobile platform

In other words, you will control of a weird cube armed with different weapons to shoot at more weird enemies located in corridor.

Early on the game, you will guide a certain number of particles without any ability then you will get your ability because of passing through special areas.
Here, you will attack your enemy with your own particles in a different way.

Sometimes, you will lose particles as you attack and you will get particles by converting your enemies with every attack.

Along with the package, this game will be built 10 levels, developed 2 abilities and one kind of enemy.
Later on, it will feature 4 more abilities, 3 different kinds of enemies, evolution in enemies, few special game elements such as reflective walls, teleportation zones ,level transformation zones when this game is ready to be launched on the apple store next year

On the other side, similar to any shooting games, The Light Inside Us will feature all extra weapons that you can gather up during stages
It also increases the character’s health, a feature which forces you to carefully think on when it is to unleash your heavy firepower at the right time.

In line with this premier launching of The Light Inside Us, it will come to the App Store on January 2016 in all regions.

Thus, if you are curious of what this game looks like, you can stay tuned on this page to get all the latest news once this game is ready to come out on mobile devices.


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