The Last Vikings Will Come to iOS

Springloaded is now preparing to launch their newest game caled The Last Vikings to the mobile platforms, mainly on the ios and android

the last vikings walkthrough ios android

The Last Vikings can be said as a F2P adventure game where you will guide your hero to travel across the sea
Also, you will be able to run your own Viking clan and build it up to be as strong as possible.

This game will come along with single player and PVP.
In Single player, you will be brought to explore the seas to go to Europe in your longboat, with the boat’s crew on it

Along your journey, you can stop at any town you see, and you may take the risk and push on to the next sea

Meanwhile, when playing in PVP, this game offers a unique balancing mechanic where you can battle against your friends online

On the other side, you can also team up with your friends and beat mega-bosses together in time limited battle events
Besides, you will also have to look for loot and extra bonuses if your micro-clan manages to make it to the top of the leaderboards.

The developer is now planning to add more boats, cities, heroes, and bosses.
Anyway, if you are curios to taste this game, you may try out a small Beta

In line with this, the developer has planned to do the Beta then the soft launch, which will engage players who are really active gamers and giving them the tools to make suggestions to the developer


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