The Froguelike Crossy Road Arcade Game Teaser

Crossy Road is a kind of the arcade game which is made by Hipster Whale
And, this game will be launched to the App Store on November 20th.

crossy road walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game is clearly influenced by another classic title, Frogger, where you will have to guide a variety of characters across dangerous roads.
Here, you are good enough to avoid getting squashed on the road by some really reckless drivers.

In line with this, this game is coming with a modern take of Frogger in every possible way
It is also along with a modern touch like the blocky Minecraft-like graphics, with some extra characters that can be unlocked by playing the game or spending real money and new controls that make the experience feel a bit different than in the classic Frogger.

In this game, you are able to tap to make your frog hop forward endlessly across busy roads and logs flowing down rivers and go for some other environments that are randomly generated as you proceed.

Later on, every time you can go crossing it, you will have score which is increased by hopping forward, but you can also pick up coins by swiping sideways to get to them.

This game also serves you some new different character options such as frogs, goats, zombies, unicorns, capybaras, dogs, and wizards.

At the beginning of the game, you can try to use pigeon which drops little white pixels behind it on the ground, and makes a lot of rude sounds.
In addition, the developer of this game, Hipster Whale will still in progress of making this game into final and it will come to as many other platforms as possible.


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