The First Impression of Wings Emulated Amiga Edition

Cinemaware has now walked away with its newest gmae entitled Wings Emulated Amiga Edition where this game comes with an action, glory and seat of the pants daring of a WWI Allied fighter pilot

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In line with this, this game is the one of the all time favourite Amiga games where you can strafe Huns, dogfight against the aces, and plan to bomb enemy locations.

On the other words, you will be brought to live the story of a World War 1 pilot through his diary and thoughts of life in the 56th Squadron
Here, every mission in this game could be his last, and Colonel Farrah is demanding his all from you.

In addition, this game will be 100% accurate emulation game where you are able to play the classic Wings in its original glory and go through more than 240 missions.
Throughout the game, you will struggle in epic battles and dogfights in the skies of Europe.


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