The Developer of Pivvot and Polymer Announces Piloteer

Whitaker Trebella has recently announced his third project, Piloteer, and it is still in progress.
In line with this, the developer has just announced the game’s title and a bit of art

piloteer walkthrough ios android

For further, the game will be designed to mobile with full of 3D work in Blender.
Picture the globby, grid-based shapes of the colorful Polymer, it looks like a disjointed cubist painting, or the clean, windy paths of the minimalistic Pivvot.

With Piloteer being seemingly character-driven, this game will be a huge departure indeed from his previous games.

Piloteer also features a human character, that will be a fantastical setting with the golden jetpack.
On the other side, this game is hard to announce much when you limit yourself to 140 characters.

Anyway, Piloteer would be an abstract puzzle or arcade game as Trebella’s previous work or it is something more narrative-driven game
Just, wait and see for the incoming of the first launch.


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