The Banner Saga 2 as High Fantasy Action will Come to iPhone

After launching the banner saga, as the first series few days ago, Stoic Studio has confirmed to continue to the next sequel by launching The Banner Saga 2 that will be similar to its predecessor in the story line

the banner saga 2 basic gameplay ios android

Anyway, this newest game from Stoic Studio is still in the progress, and the developer has not revealed the release date or planned platforms either for mobile or pc or any other consoles.

For further, The Banner Saga series seems to be set to become a trilogy in advanced time.
In related to the story, the game blends Norse folklore into a turn-based strategy game.
Then, as it turns out, it is a perfect combination, as The Banner Saga is bringing a truly epic tale, with a story around high-fantasy action.

This game also offers the right blend of choose-your-own-adventure gameplay and turn-based strategy, along with unique an experience in modern gaming.

In addition, the first Banner Saga has available now for iOS and Android devices that you can download and play on this winter.


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