Tesla Tubes Will Go to iOS Next Week

If you really like playing any puzzle game, you may have noticed that a twist on the classic Pipe Dream formula will come Tesla Tubes in which it will be the product of Kiloo.

tesla tubes walkthrough ios android

This game will offer a colorful, obstacle-filled puzzler which will get you to connect batteries via placing tubes and creating paths so that it will cover the entire board.
Anyway, it sounds challenging and pretty interesting to play it on the go.

In this game, you will be objected to connect the same color battery with its counterpart along a chesslike grid.

To do this, you may have to take longer routes since you will not be allowed to cross paths of corresponding tubes.

Also, you will go through some levels which will be increasingly difficult since all sorts of barriers such as bombs and bridges will be in front of your path.

Along with it, this game is a particularly colorful and vibrant experience, where you will also have to overcome plenty of obstacles in your path
In line with this, you will have to dodge bombs and cross bridges in one piece

In related to the premier launching, this game will be a fairly classy affair once it comes to iOS and Android markets next week

So, for those who like playing any puzzle game in such genre, you may have to try a new puzzle offered by this game.


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