Templar Battleforce Goes to iOS

If you often play strategy games on PC, you may heard that Trese Brothers Games will present their newest game called Templar Battleforce, an interesting turn based strategy game designed for mobile platforms, ios and android

templar battleforce walkthrough ios android

Trese Brothers Games seems to have a long history on mobile, developing both fantasy and sci-fi themed games.

Seemingly, this game has been launched a while back on Steam and this game is now in the process to come to the App Store in all regions for the next few days.

Alongside, this game is the fourth game developed by the team set in the Star Traders world, which will feature a turn based gameplay experience featuring turn-based tactical warfare across more than 40 scenarios.

Along the game, you will have to guide different Templars each comes along with unique skills and weapons.

Also, you can customize their appearance with different colors, armors design, talents, and equipment that will be useful when dealing with tough enemies in the batllefield.

This game will also be a varied experience, featuring several different locations, branching story paths and different endings and promises plenty of replayablity.

In related to the first launch of this game, it will be launched on the App Store next week
And, this game will be a premium game with no IAPs that you can get for $6.99 in all regions.
So, get yourself ready to ride on your templar and beat any incoming enemies standing in your way


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