Tap n Slash as Dungeon Crawler will Come to iPhone

The apple store will get a new guest that is a new rather unique dungeon crawler game that will sport a faster pace than the other games in similar.

tap n slash walkthrough ios android

This game, Tap ‘n’ Slash is made by Invictus, where you will be assigned to control five different characters as they explore procedurally generated dungeons filled with dangers, monsters and treasures.

Anyway, what this game stands out from the competition is the way you control your character, as yuo will only have to tap where your heroes want the character to go.

Here, everything moves will be at a rather fast pace, with the character attacking enemies and selecting items in automatic.

Anyway, weapons in Tap ‘n’ Slash will come along with limited durability and approaching an enemy with a broken weapon that will be hard for your heroes to beat enemies at once.

In addition, Tap ‘n’ Slash seems will be the perfect game for those who really appreciate dungeon crawler games in fast paced games.

In related to the first launch, this game will be launched on a yet to be confirmed release date as a free game supported by ads.

So, if you love playing dungeon crawler game with fast pace, be sure to taste this game once it has been available on the apple store.


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