Tales from The Borderlands Explores Rhys and Fiona Adventure on iPhone Android Soon

Tales From The Borderlands which is the next adventure from Telltale Games will soon be available for mobile download in iPhone, iPad and Android.

tales from the borderlands walkthrough iphone android

The series itself takes place after Borderlands 2 on the planet of Pandora, with Handsome Jack making a return, though new characters will be at the control of the player.

This game is set in the world of Gearbox Software’s popular Borderlands series, where it will tell two different point-of-view characters Rhys, a schmuck and Fiona, the con-artist who will go through an adventure of Borderlands.
Later on, Rhys and Fiona will be summoned by a mysterious masked man with designs on opening a vault.

The story them is followed by the death of Handsome Jack, in which Hyperion was thrown into chaos because legions of middle managers struggled to establish themselves as the heir apparent to the company.

Rhys here was one such aspirant, but his reach exceeded his abilities
Anyway, he was ultimately outmaneuvered by his rival that is the slimy “Corporate Jerk” Hugo Vasquez.
For further, Rhys soon learns that Vasquez is making a back-room deal to buy a vault key on Pandora.
Rhys hacks into Vasquez’s computer using his signature cyber-eye and he also has a plan with his friends Yvette and Vaugh to swipe the key out from under Vazquez.
And, you will use cyber-eye later in the game to analyze NPCs and gather information.

Throughout the game, you will definitely do certain actions such as swipes to dodge, duck, and attack all adding a nice bit of tension to a scene in a way that selecting “duck” from a menu of options text.

On the other side, the first episode is called “Zero Sum” and it will be one of five episodes released in the series.
So, you will simply decide to pick which one of the two is telling the truth.


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