Sword of Xolan A 2D Pixelated Platformer Game Goes to iOS

Recently, new game, a 2d pixelated platformer game, sword of xolan will go the apple store
This game is being developed by Alper Sarikaya, which will come along with the sort of quality nostalgic experience that the visuals promise.

sword of xolan walkthrough ios android

This game, Sword of Xolan is about a warrior named Xolan where he will be assigned to complete a bunch of quests to rescue captured townsfolk from the game’s villain, Borzandar.

During his his quest, he will come across over thirty different monster types, three different bosses, thirty levels, and nine time-based trials.

Along with this game, it will also feature support for MFI Controllers, as well as customizable touch-screen controls that will be designed specially for mobile devices.

In accordance with the first launch of this game, it will be soon going to mobile devices later on this month.
So, be sure to stay tune on this site in order to get the review, the newest updates or even walkthrough of Sword of Xolan as 2d pixelated game made for your phone


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