Swipey Rogue Will Come to iOS Android

An ex-AAA developer is going indie, and they seem to reveal their first game, that is named as Swipey Rogue, an action title that mashes-up simple autorunning swipe controls with a top down rogue-like.

swipey rogue walkthrough ios android

The story behind this game came from a never-ending quest to play an RPG like experience on mobile that is suited to the quick paced, impulsive, distraction-rich, short attention span coming with the territory of engaging with a handheld device.

In this game, you will have to control a running hero with directional swipes as you guide through a series of mind-bending rooms.

In the mean time, you have also to pick your path to the exit through enemies, obstacles, and resources.

You will then be taken to explore some 200 hand crafted levels, made with my custom level editor, with more levels to come in post-launch updates

Anyway, you will have auto-running, and levels that you have to try and defeat as quickly as possible. Here, the levels are designed instead of procedurally-generated, but given that “roguelike” has become a catchall term to describe many games

Along the game, every room has multiple enemies to beat, traps to avoid, loot to collect, and an exit to reach.

You will also be assigned to accomplish a three-star objective system where each objective can be earned separately in which the speedrun star and the kill all enemies star may be impossible to get simultaneously

In aline with this, it seems like an interesting mix of styles, and it could be a good on the go game where you can play in over 200 levels of one-hand-friendly action.

In addition, the first launch of this game will be in this spring
So, always stay tune on this to get the first tine download on your phone.


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