SwapQuest as Puzzle RPG will Come to iOS

The apple store will get a new guest that is a fresh interesting mix between puzzle games and RPGs, called SwapQuest developed by Constantin Graf which will be released next week.

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SwapQuest seems to be a combination between the puzzle hit Pipe Mania and a Final Fantasy-style RPG where you will play as a cute, squat hero trundles across the land

And, you can play as either Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma, and you need to swap out road tiles and connect paths so they can move freely.

On the other words, you will merely match tiles to make paths for Princess Wilma and Prince Wilbert so that you can reach treasure chests and eventually the exit.

Those paths can guide to the kinds of hazards and prizes that make RPGs fun, including enemy encounters, boss battles, and loot a-plenty.
Here, you will also fight, level up, gain new abilities, then visit new lands filled with new hazards and prizes.

You will then confront and fight enemies along the game.
Your two characters can improve their abilities in pure role playing game fashion so it will be good to beat a couple enemies during a stage.

If you can clear all the stages, you can restore peace to the land with the help of a legendary sword and a magical crystal
Anyway, this is pretty standard fare for old-school inspired role playing games.

In addition, this game, SwapQuest will contribute the perfect game for those who like puzzle or RPG hybrids
But this game has had enough of the ones featuring a match-3 based gameplay experience.

So, if you really want to taste this game for the first time, be sure to wait it until next week to come to ios platform


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