Swap Heroes 2 Will Come to iPhone Next Month

After the previous series of Swap Heroes hit ios and android few month ago, it is now for the newest series, Swap Heroes 2 that will be launched soon for mobile platforms

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Swap Heroes is a simple yet fun strategy game, that is featuring a colorful graphical style and a simple gameplay experience that you can enjoy on iOS devices.

If you are big fans of this game, you will know that a sequel is recently in the progress.
In related to the game launching, Swap Heroes 2 has been recently announced with a new screenshot posted on Twitter by Chris Savory, as the developer of the game.

Here, the new game does not seem all that different from the first one, but there is really no way to tell until more details come in.

The idea of this game is that you will battle with waves of enemies with a group of four different characters, each with unique abilities.
At the same time, you can swap your positions with each other in order to attack.
Then, three at the front attack, while the character at the back will perform their special action.

It’s a game that demands you to consider each move, planning ahead and making the best use of each character, in order to survive.

The previous sequel, Swap Heroes is a really interesting strategy game where you will be assigned to rotate characters then to attack and beat enemies on the battlefield.

At this point, only characters in the front row will be able to attack, with the ones on the back which can perform a special ability.
By rotating characters, you will be allowed to use different special abilities, so that you can prevent your characters in the front from dying and more.
Playing in Swap Heroes’ game is all about thinking ahead to fight against enemies on the battlefield.

In addition, Swap Heroes 2 will be released on the App Store next month.
So just stay tune on this site to get the recent news related to this game.


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