Swap Cops Will Go to iOS Next Month

If you have played Swap Heroes on your phone, you may have to play Swap Heroes that will soon be launched by Savory Games on mobile platforms, ios and android

swap cops walkthrough ios android

This new game, Swap Cops cann be said as an improvement from Swap Heroes game.
In Swap Cops, you can now accelerate the gameplay to an almost real time pace where the gameplay of this new game can be decreasing the amount of tapping that you will make along the game.

In line with this, you can now tap to swap heroes with a single tap
And, tapping on one of the front three characters will automatically swap them with the character in the back.

At at time, you can also tap on the character in the back to hold formation and you will also have your front line attack in place.

On the other side, this game will come along with various features to complete.
In accordance with this, you will have to complete some missions such as rescuing civilians to defeating certain amount of enemies

In addition, this game will be launched on the mobile devices sometimes next month
So, get your self ready to welcome this game on your phone


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