Super Boys Will Go to iOS Soon

Mooff Games has its newest game that is in the progress of the development called as Super Boys
Recently, the developer is working to balance a lot of the characters and solve some latency issues to make the game as smooth as possible to play on mobile platforms.

super boys walkthrough ios android

In this game, there will be 53 characters with unique abilities playing differently
This game is like a team street fighter brawl, where you will need to do gesture moves, charging up, blocking, magic attacks that you can deliver to enemies on the stage

Along with it, you can also play this game online and offline multiplayer
Later on, you will also can get 1, 2, 3 and 4 star heroes in which you can also assign a team of 4 stars heroes

The composition will be like a 3 star + 1 star hero, or a 2 star + 2 star hero.
Once leveling through battles, you will be able to unlock more star slots up to 10+ so you could have a gang of 10 1 star heroes

So, just wait for this game to come out on mobile platforms and play it on the go to feel the experience


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