Subterfuge as RTS Will Come to iOS Android Next Year

Subterfuge seems to be a stunning-looking multiplayer strategy game where this game is trying to reduce the micromanagement and resource grinding usually associated with this genre

subterfuge walkthrough ios android

The developer creates this game to respect the player’s time, in which the game will be made in meaningful and interesting.

In related to the story, the idea of this game is addressed to engage with other players in a chess game of diplomacy.
For such reasons, by expanding quickly and taking control of outposts, you are able to mine the most Neptunium and start dominating the game.

Also, this game will come to a unique feature that will let you know a predicted future while planning your next move.

Anyways, playing this game will get you to know the demonstration of what will happen with your various vehicles, outposts and resources based on the information you currently have.
So, if you attempt to look your future in further, your predictions will be less accurate.

Currently, this game is still in an alpha testing stage, and you will be able to sign up to join in the run up to its full launch in the mid of next year.


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