Striker Arena as Action Sport Game Will Come to iOS

Wizcorp is going to launch the game concerning with action sport wrapped in Striker Arena, which is now available in soft-launch mode in select territories.

striker arena walkthrough ios android

The game is a unique related to soccer games, including features taken from several different games such as Mario Strikes and the Inazuma Eleven games to bear a really interesting combination.

In this game, you will simply control a Strikers team from one of the old tribes.
In the mean time, you will be assigned to accomplish your main task that is to get the ball, pass it, and shoot it into the arena vortex.
Here, you will have to try to score, as well as moving your players, intercepting opponent passes, and swiping the screen to make passes and shots.

On the other side, you will also be able to gather up special abilities on the field to punch, blast, and destroy whoever gets in your way
Anyways, all you will have to do is simply to score more goals than your opponent and the Emperor will let you decide if he lives or dies in this game.

You will play in indoor room, where you and your rival start off by picking a tribe.
Moreover, you will also access additional tribes in that each tribe will consist of five players.
At the same time, you will fight in the arena in a turn-by-turn match to decide who is the best.
Meanwhile, you will also have an access to some awesome abilities that you can pick up on the field.
You can try to use the “punch” which allows you to knock unconscious one of your opponent’s players for a few turns.

During development, the developer seems to add the iPad’s intuitive swipe gestures, that will allow you to select different tactical approaches during the game.
You will see a gameplay experience that can be slightly different each time so the game played is always unique.

In addition, Striker Arena has been originally revealed this Summer, in which it is also quite unique, with two different tribes, Vikings or Gladiators, settling their own differences in a brutal soccer match where eveything is permitted.

Striker Arena is now available on few countries in soft-launch mode for iPad.
For further, this game will be launched globally for mobile platform.


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