Stormblades Action Game Will Come to iOS Soon

Again, the apple store will welcome a new guest that is a fresh good looking action game, a game that fans of the Infinity Blade will surely wait for it.

stormblades walkthrough ios android

This new action game comes from Kiloo which is Canadian studio Emerald City Games that is in the progress of their newest debut, Stormblades

Moreover, this game, Stormblades will come along with some features taken from the highly successful Infintiy Blade series and mixes them with other features taken from a variety of genres, including endless runner games.

In this game, you will be allowed to take control of your hero and you will fight a variety of enemies and explore locations.

Graphically, this game offer a good graphics, which will come along with both controlled character and enemies looking really detailed.

In line with this, Stormblades seems to be a really interesting game featuring an intriguing gameplay experience and beautiful graphics.

You will also see plenty of special effects on screen when fighting enemies so things will definitely be great to look at and play.

In related to the first launch of this game, this game will be released for free on the App Store on March 19th so be sure to get this game on your phone and feel the experience of thrilling battle along the game.


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