Stickman Soccers 2016 Goes to iOS

Stickman Soccer 2016 by Djinnworks GmbH game has come to the apple store as the best arcade football game with a bunch of brand new features and goodies

stickman soccer 2016 walkthrough ios android

Moreover, this game comes to you with intense action and insane tapping gameplay, where you can play the Euro Cup 2016 in France

In this game, you will select one of over 100 teams consisting of woman teams and leagues, national leagues and cups where you can play with them over multiple seasons

On the other side, it offers brand new animations and better visuals overall, along with new game mechanics such as fouls, penalties, long passes or corners, controller and gamepad support and much more.

Here, you will be challenged to get the champion of cups, seasons, leagues, women with outstanding gameplay
To compete with your friends, you can play in party mode

Before playing in party mode, it will be better if you test your skill in training mode
In this mode, you will learn the gameplay basics, where you will be taught to use left stick to define the run and shot direction.
You can also use automatic running by touching the player you want to pass the balls
Then, use pass button to pass the ball to your focused teammate.

And, use the shoot button to shoot the ball on the goal.
If you press that button longer, the shot will be harder.

Besides, you can also change your controlled player with the switch button.
Use the slide button to do a hard attack which can stop the opponent on the match.


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