Star Warfare2: Payback Comes with New Updates

Star Warfare2 payback form freyr games has become one of the most successful third person mobile shooters which has been downloaded in 15 million downloads worldwide

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Now, this game will return to the black recess of space in new updates including:
Boss Fights will offer you to play online or offline against an unstoppable maelstrom of grueling enemies.

It will also challenges you to face the grating heat of battle alone solo versus abominable hordes of biological oddities in satisfying single player campaign

You can also play in multiplayer modes inclusinf in Intense Co-op Standoffs, Fierce Player Versus Player or PvP Standoffs, Play As An Epic Alien Boss, Classic capture the flag and various other multiplayer co-op and player versus player fashions.

Along the game, you will also be served with an innovative new weapon/armor/vehicle combination system.
You will also be opted to engineer a pet best suited to your battle tactics for 50 combat perks encouraging diverse combat styles to ensure many unique battles on your device.

Dealing with Boss Crimson Queen, a half-metal queen bee will be give a challenge for your skill again
You can have new void “Catalyst”, which has the power to defend everything.
Meanwhile, playing in new “Mutant” mode will allow you to control the boss

Later on, you can optimize PVP and increase player number as well as discovering mystery backpack and special weapon
During in the gun battle with foes, you can change the option to close auto-aim


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