Star Drift as Space Shooter Game Will Come to iPhone

Next month, a new interesting space shooter game, Star Drift developed by Squarehead Studios will be launched on the App Store in which this game combines some popular gameplay mechanics to offer an engaging experience.

star drift walkthrough ios android

In this space shooter for the mobile platforms, ios and android, you will have to get involved in the gun battle with the waves of alien baddies for reaching credits as the main currency of this game.

Along the game, you will control a spaceship with controls where you can make the ship go up, the you will have to touch the screen and keep it pressed while stop touching will make the ship go down as well as shooting the enemies ships scattered on the screen.

Shooting enemies here will be automatic so you only have to line up your jet.
Along the way, you will get credits that you can use on extra upgrades or a little health recoup.

Later on, you will have to mostly focus on movement, and enemies moves then guide the bullets at the enemies ships as fast as you can.

Also, you can also access and unlock a bunch of power-ups that will improve your fire rate or shot spread, granting the ship various enhancements and different shooting patterns.
Sometimes, you will also have to avoid enemies that come up from behind you.

Once making a good progress, you should go to an upgrade system, where you will be prompted purchase various enhancements and items.

In related to this game, Star Drift will be launched on the App Store sometime during February as an addictive space shooter.
So, just stay tune in the recent updates concerning with the first launch.


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