Stack Heroes as A Tower Building Game Goes to iOS Soon

Stack Heroes from Callipix is a kind of a fast-paced twist tower-stacking game where you will be able to build a tower as tall as you can within a time limit in each level and get score from it

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Here, you are served with individual blocks of one, two, or three cubes in length and you must place them on any part of the base area.

This game is like playing tetris, where the available base is much larger than the cubes themselves
For such reasons, it will allow you to build multi-columned structures vaguely reminiscent of Tetris.

However, these blocks will not snap together, so the result is usually a wobbly mess, especially for playing this game for the first time.

You can also create some really precarious piles of blocks and still earn a modestly decent score then prepare some ways to approach your building plan for the next challenge.

Sometimes, it may take too long to build a well-founded base, in which you will often be running out of time before you hit a height that will earn you additional seconds.

On the other side, this game offers a whopping eight modes, each of which features the same core gameplay with slight variations to the board itself.

In this game, you will see and encounter the basic board, called Dropzone, which contains a flat plane about seven blocks wide and endless empty space for stacking above.

And, Splitus can divide the plane into two small bases, each less than two blocks wide, and places a hovering hexagon between them.

At this point, this hexagon will pop up in multiple modes and it will act as both a hazard which can knock blocks off your stage and a helper that can rotate blocks by hitting them.

Early on this game, you can try to play in Solidarius version which solidifies your tower after you reach a certain height, basically banking your score, then build off a sturdier base mid stack.

Next, this game is made in a colorful, techno-themed package that will support only interstitial ads popping up between rounds.

In addition, in related to the first launch of this game, it will soon be launched on the apple store on this month.


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