Sputnik Eyes Will Go to iOS This Week

This week, you will see a new interesting puzzle game on the App Store, called Sputnik Eyes
This is a game where you will guide and help colored little robots reach their goal in one piece.

sputnik eyes walkthrough ios android

The new game, Sputnik Eyes is being in the development of Shelly Alon, the man behind Partyrs game which has been released on the App Store a few months back.

In the new series, you will be assigned to help strange one eyed robots find a new planet.
Here, you must try to clear stages by launching rockets and analyzing planets then arranging the robots on the planets’ surface

You can do all of that actions by matching the colors of both surface and robot.
This game will also come along with stages coming with different paths so it will give various puzzles to solve

In line with this, this game will be like a unique matching 3 genre game as this will come along with a puzzle inside

In related to the first launch of this game, it will soon be launched this week on the App Store.
Also, you can get it for the price of $1.99 and it will feature no IAP.

So, if you are fans of matching three game with a puzzle, you may have to download and install this game on your phone


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