Sproggiwood as A Dungeon Crawler Game Goes to iOS

Sproggiwood is in the development of Freehold Games in that this game is the cute dungeon crawler game that will be made for mobile platforms

sproggiwood walkthrough ios android

This game is a really nice looking dungeon crawler game sporting a beautiful art style.
Here, all you will do is to explore a variety of colorful dungeons, defeat enemies, avoid traps and more.

The game is segmented into different worlds with multiple levels
Early on this game, you will start off at level 1, requiring you to re-earn any upgrades by leveling up.

There, you can earn any weapons or armor earned while playing can be bought with the coins earned while playing.

On the other side, there are multiple character classes, each with their own skills.
The warrior is built around close-up combat, and boasts abilities like damage prevention and attacking all enemies around.

The archer will come along with ranged abilities that help keep away enemies
Anyway, every character here will be equipped with their own sets of equipment to buy
But, there is also hefty rewards for beating a world with a character for the first time.

Combat is ruled by a stamina system, where defeating an enemy refills one of the five stars.
In this game, most characters will have a one-star ability, but the more powerful abilities have higher costs.

The archer’s abilities are mostly 1 star ones, and you must keep the stamina high by having proper builds.
Also, you will see a town that can be customized with different creatures found in the dungeons and various buildings that are unlocked as the game progresses.

Recently, this game is currently available on desktop, but it will be coming to iOS and Android platforms soon.
So, just make sure you are the first one to download this game once it is available


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