Spooky Pop is in Soft Launches to Mobile

With Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach under their belts, Supercell will soon launch their newest game entitles Spooky.

spooky pop basic tutorial walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game is a kind of a straight up puzzler where you will simply make matches on a game board on the bottom of the screen, which in turn charge up the attacks of your fighters defending against monsters on the top of the screen.

On the other side, some say that this game is a match-3 game with a ghost-bustin’ twist and it is coming with gem-swapping fighters.
Here, you will be making matches to power the attacks of heroes under attack by ghoulish ghosties.
Each turn, those ghosts will get one step closer in that they will reach your heroes and deal enough damage toward your heroes.

This game is set pieces like walls and exploding barrels, where enemies with varying abilities, and little touches are like having a chance to make multiple matches each turn.

Recently, this game seems to be on the radar as there is no statement form the developer concerning with a release date worldwide.
Anyways, if you are big fan of match-3 game, it may be something fresh to taste in this winter.


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