Splendor as A Board Game Will Go to iOS Next Month

The apple store will soon get a new guest that is a good board game called Splendor
Recently, Splendor is being developed by Days of Wonder

splendor walkthrough ios android

If you like playing the most popular games out there, the first series which was launched in 2014 had become quite popular in board game circles.

For you to know is the first series has received the 2014 Golden Geek as Board Game and Family Game of the Year

In line with this, this game is a chip-collecting and card development game where you will take the roles of Renaissance merchants trying to purchase gem mines, means of transportation, and shops with the goal of getting the most prestige points.

The coming of this game to the iOS app will be universal and it is highly customizable in related in fonts and UI.

And, in the future updates, this game will also include an online multiplayer mode
In the first launch on next month, this game, Splendor will feature a Pass-and-Play mode for up to four players.

Also, this game will feature two solo modes, such as the classic Against the AI mode and the new Challenges mode, that will play as a puzzle mode of sorts.

On the other side, the port’s art design will use the same graphic materials as the board game in similar genre

In related to the premier launch of this game, Splendor will go to mobile on July 9th, so just get you stayed on this page to be the first one getting the review of even walkthrough of this game


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