Spirit Hunter will Go to iOS Next Month

For the next few days, the combination of a collectible card game and an action RPG will go to the apple store

spirit hunter walkthrough ios android

This game comes from Boomlagoon, that is the team behind hybrid CCG or runner Monsu, in which they have recently announced to launch its newest game which is called Spirit Hunter

Along the game, you will be brought to battle with a bunch of monsters in each area
You can do all sorts of RPG activities such as hero buffing, boosting stats, crafting better equipment, upgrading spells, etc.

You will be served with a thrilling experience where you can enjoy maximize your stats
In this package, you will also find new update such as more spells, more enemies and levels to complete

On the other side, you can also be allowed to customize your card deck to give you more of an edge in battle with enemies

Along with it, each region in the world will play host to different types of monsters who in turn have different strengths and weaknesses to beat.

In addition, this game, Spirit Hunter will be available as a free download on the apple store
So, if you are wonder to play this game on your phone right away, you can stay tuned on this page to get the newest info or even walkthrough of this game


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