Space Grunts as Turn Based Action Game Goes to iOS

Space Grunts will be the newest debut from Orangepixel which takes an action arcade game as the genre
In line with this, this game can played as a turn-based rogue-like designed for mobile platforms.

space grunts walkthrough ios android

Similar to turn-based action game, it still retains all the action and excitement of a real-time game
And, this game seems to put an even greater emphasis on strategy and tactics.

In other words, this game is a roguelike game where you will get to explore a base infested by enemies.
Along the game, you will take on enemies in a turn based combat system while trying to avoid hazards and stay alive as long as possible during in your action.

In this package, this game will feature different classes sporting different stats and abilities
You will also be served with a variety of weapons such as short range weapons, long range weapons, destructive weapons such as the flamethrower and all sorts of technological equipment.

In related to the premier launching of Space Grunts, the developer has confirmed that it will be launched on the App Store in all regions on this month.

Anyway, the game is a really well crafted roguelike so make sure to check it out when it is available on the apple store this week in all regions


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