Space Age is Retro Futuristic Adventure Game

Space Age from Big Bucket Software will present a really interesting retro-styled adventure game where you will play as one member of a science and military team

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You and your team have landed a spaceship on a seemingly uninhabited planet called Kepler-16 in which you will explore through the game and learn about the planets, its inhabitants as well.

This game is telling you about all shiny metal space rockets with pop rivet seams and porthole windows, spacesuits with big bubble helmets, and launchpads powered by Cold War tech.

In line with this, you will simply keep plodding through until all the mysteries are solved and the plots are resolved.

In this game, you will see some light stealth sections where you cautiously move about the screen, to evade patrolling guards.
And, you can blast away aliens with a laser just by tapping on them.

Throughout the game, you will be served with the puzzles with inventory items.
Here, you will simply move your characters around like a real-time strategy game, as well as tapping to move, clearing a fog of war as you go, and selecting multiple characters by lassoing them in a selection box.

This game is like a real-time tactical adventure with traditional gameplay or mechanics.
On the other side, this game is more interested in story and the experience, than gameplay and action.

Making in retro style, the pixel art by Mrgan is made in colourful and expressive.
This game offers you a curious mix of game genres, which are often tossed aside completely in order to tease out a mysterious story.

In other words, this game is an incredibly interesting game which combines an old-school presentation with themes that have been taken from older sci-fi movies.

Along the game, you will take on the role of a man who has landed, together with his research team, on a planet called Kepler-16.
At this point, you will slowly learn to know more about not only the creatures living on the planet but also the history of the planet itself during the game.

The gameplay and experience are incredibly varied, with puzzles to solve, stealth sections to complete and more features.

In addition, this game will be launched later next week on the App Store, so make sure to check the game out once it is available there.


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