Sonic Runners will Come to iOS Android Soon

Playing endless running game sometimes will push you to keep reaching score, avoiding obstacles ans gathering up any stuff standing on your way

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Similar to this is Sonic the Hedgehog or any Sonic game franchises that will get you to go fast and you will always be pushed to keep going along while completing each mission to another

For anyone who never played Sonic the Sketchhog launched a few years back, it was just charming endless runner, albeit a simple one, where you get points by bopping enemies, and collect rings to stay alive when you take damage form the enemies.
In that game, all the graphics were sketch drawings but it was adorable and charming in a way modern Sonic games.

Recently, Sonic Team is going to make a game mobile-based that is called Sonic Runners
In line with this news, Sonic Runners had been announced last week at a Sonic fan event in Tokyo, which Famitsu covered.

At that occasion, the announcement was made by Sega producer Takashi Iizuka that Sonic Runner will be launched in the 2015 which will be applied to Japan first.
Anyway, anyone seems to expect that this could be a smart device project at the time.

On the other side, Sega has launched a number of Sonic releases whether old and new one on mobile platforms which has got a lot of good feedback from auto runner gamers worldwide.


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