Song Pop 2 Name That Tune Will Come to iPhone Soon

After launching Song Pop game on ios and android, FreshPlanet is now in the progress of the next sequel, Song Pop 2 that is a musical game similar to the predecessor that will let you guess at brief snippets of song.

song pop 2 walkthrough ios android

The previous series of Song Pop 2, SongPop has proved successful enough to warrant a sequel.
In line with this, on February 17, the developer has announced that SongPop 2 is currently in production.

Similar to the predecessor, SongPop 2 will challenge anyone to name that tune by listening to a short sample of a song.

Here, you will see more to this sequel where you can play in the new Tournament Mode
In this mode, you can compete in a series of ten question quizzes that revolve around music trivia.

Taking part in this will be a good way to dive into the action without having to wait for your opponent to make their move
In the mean time, if you can do it well, you will be rewarded with coins, VIP badges, and other prizes.

This game will come along with the music selection that is growing stale.
You will be served with some of 200 songs which are divided into 6 playlists and they will be added to the game every week
Moreover, they are all free to play on your phone.

In related to the first launch, SongPop 2 will be coming to iOS, Android, and Facebook soon.
So if you are music addict you can test your knowledge to name that tune in this game by listening each song.


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