Sol Invictus as Space Adventure Game Will Come to iPhone Android

Heavy Metal Thunder, the popular of gamebook titles will continue to the next series, entitled Sol Invictus that is developed by Cubus Game.

sol invictus basic tutorial game play ipad android

A sequel to Heavy Metal Thunder game is revealed today, which will be launched early next month.
In line with this, Sol Invictus will start right from the ending of the first game, where you will be brought to take on an alien race who has been oppressing humans.

In this game, you will do some actions in a really dark world, being forced to make choices that will not make you feel all that good about yourself.

Moreover, this game will also feature the same engaging gameplay experience of its predecessor as well as a new soundtrack, a new story with branching paths and more.
You will also be introduced with three different save files that will make you easy to check out different story branches then make multiple choices and find out what happens at every turn

The first game was a grim and gritty adventure that dropped weighty choices on you at every turn.
In related to the first launch, Sol Invictus has yet to be confirmed about the price
So, just keep updated on the Apple store and stay tuned for all the latest news relating to this game.


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