Sol Ark as 2D RTS Goes to iOS

For few next weeks or months, you will see a really interesting game that combines a roguelike and real time strategy games to be launched on mobile platforms, mainly for ios and android ones

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This game is called Sol Ark which is being currently in development for iOS
In line with this, Sol-Ark is a 2D Space RTS with sandbox and rogue-like components in which the gameplay mechanics are designed well with your choice and decisions in mind.

You will also see some missions and storylines drift coming from seriously somber to hilariously violent with every new area explored here
Also, you will go through random events punctuate which will make a dynamic experience

In this game, you will have to build a ship then use it to explore a procedurally generated universe that is filled with planets to explore, and you must also collect resources there.

Here, you will mainly focus on building the ship properly, then equip it with everything needed for space exploration, including weapons and more items.

Each ship will really need a crew whereby you will also have to manage it properly
Be sure to keep your crew healthy and in good morale as well.

Anyway, this game is still in the progress of the final touch for mobile platforms
Hopefully, this game will come with even more features in the first launch.

In related to the premier launching of this game, it will soon be launched sometime during 2016 in all regions on the App Store.
But, the developer does not reveal a precise launch date to public

If you wonder to play this game, be sure to stay tuned on this site to get review or even walkthrough of this game.


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