Socioball Will Roll onto iPhone Android Soon

Socioball is an isometric puzzle game, where you will guide a ball to a goal with the use of puzzle tiles available on the board.

socioball walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game is like a sort of cross between one of those step-by-step programming games and something like a golf.

In this game, you will be brought to go through sixty levels which will strain your ability to successfully plan out a route for the ball to traverse through that adheres to that particular level’s challenges.

Anyway, if you can overcome all of the sixty levels, you will be served with a level editor that allows you to design your own levels, then you can share them on Twitter.

In line with this, Yellow Monkey Studios as the developer of this game seems to have implemented a system that technically allows any player to access any level designed and published to Twitter using the “#socioball” hashtag.

The technical system of sharing your design level on their twitter is pretty simple
When you have shared a puzzle, Socioball will take a snapshot of it, then the game will hide the puzzle data in the image and tweets it with #socioball hashtag.

Later on, Socioball will searche for puzzles on Twitter using the hashtag, as well as decoding the image data and making all the puzzles available on twitter seamlessly playable from inside the game
Doing this thing will be effectively using Twitter as a level-sharing platform.


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