Snake Rewind Goes to iOS

Snake game was launched in 1997 became a popular for Nokia users.
Similar to many arcade-style games, this game`s premise is simple

snake rewind walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will merely move a snake that is represented by a plain black line of pixels around an open field to eat food in form of more pixels.
If you can eat more of them, your snake eats will get bigger.

Moreover, there will be a range of food which carry unique powers and effects.
And, you will get through 10 levels, each with different visuals and music.

Anyway, Snake Rewind utilizes the same basic mechanics as its ancestor, Snake game
But, there are modern twists afoot in this new series and a couple of changes to the gameplay.
You will be served with a new feature in that you can rewind the snake to continue the game after crashing at at time.

Here, you will be able to collect fruit power-ups and score multipliers, compete against friends for high scores, and rewind the action a bit if you muck up.
Similarly, it will be still a snake-eat-dot world out there.

Later on, you will be prompted to go to fruit stores where boosters and items can be upgraded and purchased there

On the other side, Snake Rewind will come along with a freemium game, but you will be offered to purchase in-game content to make progressing through the levels easier or more rewarding.
In addition, you can also compare your scores with friends online on the leaderboards.


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