Snail Bob 2 Comes in Beta Test for iOS

If you had been familiar with Snail Bob game played on the ios and android phones few years ago, you may be happy that this game will continue to the newest series called as Snail Bob 2 by tinyBuild and Hunter Hamster

snail bob 2 wallkthrough ios android

As you have known that Snail Bob has been played over a billion times on the web and mobile, especially for the iOS platform

This game is a kind of a kids-friendly physics puzzle game which comes along with over 90 mind-bending levels across 3 unique world

Recently, this game, Snail Bob 2 is now open for beta test
It means that before this game is going to be launched publicly, you can download and install this game on your phone as a beta tester

So, if you have really addicted with Snail Bob 1 on your phone, you may have to try this new series of that game as well


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