Slide the Shakes Will Go to iOS Soon

After launching the fist debut of Land Sliders, Prettygreat will now continue to launch their second game, called as Slide the Shakes, which is all about sliding

slide the shakes walkthrough ios android

The developer takes a simple concept and builds a game around Slide the Shakes.
It is the simple but satisfying act of sliding a drink down a bar towards a customer.

This game is a game which will get you to slide a drink down to the end of the bar and land it in the right spot.
Here, you will pull back on your milkshakes to set the power and let it rip to land safely in the green zone, where the customer is.

In other words, to play this game, you will have to control the drink that you can do by pulling back to determine the strength of each slide

At this point, you will need to make it right which will lead you to complete every level in successful ways.
After all, run-of-the-mill countertops and clear gaps, climb ramps, navigate ice and more.

Similar to Prettygreat’s previous franchise, Slide the Shakes is designed by Luke Muscat the man behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride

Recently, Slide the Shakes is in the progress of that developer
And, this game will soon be available as a free download when it launches on the App Store this week
So, just get yourself prepared to test this game on its premier launch


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