Slide Fight will Come to iPhone Soon

Zeptolabs is in the progress of the soft launch of its newest game called Slide Fight that will be launched on ios and android soon

slide fight walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a mix of team manager and tactical battler with dynamic fast-paced, in which this game also brings turn-based combat against both mythic creatures and live players.

In this game, you will have to build up your viking village then explore the seas and plan raids on neighboring islands​

In the mean time, you will also lead loyal crew into battle for riches and new lands against fierce enemies to become the master of the icy lands, and the whole kingdom in this game

On the other words, your objective here is tot defend the world from the Dark Lord’s encroachment in the epic single player campaign.
Later on, you will also experience in thrilling battles in 3v3 battles players online

Before going to any battle with enemies, you have to train different types of fighters with unique abilities then find the perfect combination of unique character abilities that you can use to unleash special attack towards enemies in the battlefield

Here, the different heroes will have different skills
In line with this, fighters, mages, healers and rogues will be all making an appearance in the first few minutes when you are playing the game early on.
Later on, you can combine this with the different layouts.

Anyway, this game, Slide Fight is now live on the App Store in select regions, ans this game is actively marketed through Facebook ads

In addition, you will have to wait this game to come in your region
And, make sure you are the one who tastes this game available in your region first


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